Monday, February 25, 2008

Attention Congress: The FBI is Not the Enemy

As I've said before, this isn't a political blog. But when politicians get in the way, politics becomes part of the war on terror.

Politics As Usual

"Mukasey: Delayed passage of surveillance bill hurting security" CNN (February 22, 2008)

That news article was in the "Politics" section. Appropriately enough, since Congress let the Protect America Act of 2007 (PAA) lapse last week. Now, our legislative leaders are discussing whether or not to let telephone and other telecommunications companies cooperate with American law enforcement and defense agencies without getting sued.

Yes, I'm over-simplifying. But that's what one of the current SNAFUs on Capitol hill boils down to.

I suppose that, particularly with an election coming up, Representatives and Senators are anxious to show their constituents that they're doing something.

Like protecting Americans from The Enemy.

Which, for quite a few Representatives and Senators seems to be the FBI.

I understand how important checks and balances are, and I'm aware of the two-century tug-of-war between the three branches of American government.

I also understand that Islamic fanatics are on a jihad to kill Americans.

I'm not convinced that most of Congress has the same understanding.

Reminder for America's Congresspersons

  • The FBI is not the enemy
  • The CIA is not the enemy
  • People who are sworn to defend America are not the enemy
  • Al Qaeda is the enemy
  • The Taliban is the enemy
  • People who are convinced that God tells them to kill Americans are the enemy
Some members of Congress may remember how they ran for cover as three thousand people were being killed in New York's World Trade Center, an airliner was crashing into the Pentagon, and a planeload of American heroes brought Flight 93 down before it reached its target.

A Plea to Congress: Get Out of the Way!

It would be nice if our leaders would take time off from whatever they do in Washington, and make it possible for people who give a rip to defend this country.

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