Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Liberal Fascism Explained:" This Book Should Get More Attention

"Liberal Fascism Explained" "" January 16, 2008.

I doubt that this book has received much attention in the traditional media. Judging from this review, it's too detailed, too accurate, and 'way too embarrassing.

"Conservative commentator Jonah Goldberg is tired of being called a fascist. In his latest book, "Liberal Fascism," he fights back against the term that those on the right are often saddled with, reminding readers that the original fascists leaned more toward the left."

"... 'I'm not saying today’s liberals are Hitler's cousins,' Goldberg said at his first discussion of the book held at the Heritage Foundation. 'They’re more like his grand-niece once removed.' "

What does this have to do with the War on Terror?

Quite a bit, in my opinion. America, at least, has a dominant culture which
  • Fears of guns
  • Doesn't like the U.S. Marines
  • Honestly believes that we'd have world peace if unenlightened American administrations would stop bothering people like
    • Supreme Leader Ali Hoseini-Khamenei
    • Dear Leader Kim Jong Il
    • President Hugo Chavez Frias
  • Desperately wants to control the lives of the less-intelligent people who don't agree with them (for their own good, of course)
The last point may not relate directly to the War on Terror, but the rest do.

Like it or not, every country, and all people, who do not live up (or down) to the standards of Islam as imagined by Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Iran's Ayatollahs, are at risk of losing their freedom: and, quite likely, their lives.

The attractive, soothing, 'you be nice to Johnny, and he'll be nice to you' approach simply will not work. Not when we're dealing with people who are very sincerely not nice.

One more quote, from the review's conclusion:

"Goldberg asserts that Liberal Fascism is different from fascism of the past because today’s left are pacifists rather than militarists; their plan is to nanny, not to bully. Still, he warns that this method can be just as politically hazardous.

" 'Simply because the nanny state wants to hug you doesn’t mean it’s not tyrannical when you don’t want to be hugged,' .... "

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