Friday, February 8, 2008

New Blog on the Blogroll

New on the blogroll: "PM’S World," a Muslimah's(1) blog that may surprise you.

For starters, he(1) she won't use the word "kafir." ("This is a 'Kufaar-Free Zone' — meaning I don’t allow the use of the term 'kafir' or any of its derivatives on this blog." (From the "PM's World" "My House, My Rules" post))

"Kafir?" That's an Arabic word meaning (depending on which resource you use) infidel, pagan, or black African. (Source: Google's Definitions of Kafir on the Web.)
(1)Oops. He's a she. Thanks, PM, for pointing that out. Now I'll have to remember: Muslim, Muslimah.


PM said...

Hi there,

I have no problem with you adding me to your blogoll and thanks for visiting my blog. Just one small correction: I am a "she" -- PM stands for "peaceful muslimah".

BTW, I find "kafir" and any of its derivatives to be misused, not to mention it has an extremely negative connotation. I have argued with MANY Muslims who would like to think they are doing God's work here on earth by separating people into groups intent on fighting each other.

I also don't think there needs to be a "clash of civilizations" -- I think ramping it up suits the political agenda of certain people from these "civilizations". I don't want to play a role in that.

Regards and Salaam,

Anonymous said...

Actually, she put up a "kuffar free zone" when I, a self proclaimed and proud to be kafir, a female, Kafira commented on her blog. I am not positive to islam and that prompted her to shun me and put up that sign of "kuffar free zone".

At that time the blog served as an outlet for PM as a secound wife in a frustrating polygonous marriage.

Memory seems to serve her in her own ways.
A kafir is simply someone who rejects islam. The word is used throughout the quran. Why is she ashamed of the fact that islam divides up people in muslims, dhimmi and kafirs?
She was annoyed by my critizism, hence the "tolerance-zone"

The only thing she achieved with that was to shut Kafira out. That is in accordance with quran as a kafir has no human value within islam.

Kind regards
Norski Kafira

PM said...

Actually Kafira, YOUR memory is incomplete and faulty. I have been speaking out against Muslims using of the term Kafir since I began posting on Islamonloine well over 5years ago. I had a Muslim troll follow me from IOL to my blog and did not allow her to post on my blog using the term. This was prior to your glorious arrival on my blog.

As for my blog, I have actually been blogging several years before I entered that unfortunate marriage and I will continue, insha'Allah, long after my divorce is final. But I will never allow someone to come into my "blog house" again with the express intent of being ugly and attacking me (as you did). I also don't allow people that declare themselves my personal enemy to come into my real home and enjoy my hospitality ;-)


Anonymous said...

I have no memory of your past whatsoever.
I only know I came to your blog where there was no sign of any kuffar free zone, started to comment as commenting was open for anyone, you did not like what you read, and then you put in blog-approval, stopped me from commenting and hung up your sign.

You had a blog that was free to comment in. You can not blame me for intruding on you when you put yourself out there for everyone. You locked up as it was probably too humiliating in the end to have this open view into your failed marriage and having people voicing opinions so far apart from yours.

I suppose as a second wife, coming into a family that started to work against you, you also had other first wives not favoring you in the deal with your marriage to an already married man.

You yourself have played a part in this unjust world of islamic tactics. You married a married man and disturbed an entire family.
You feign innocence because he lied, but you played the game gal, you were an enabler in what you are now presenting yourself as a warrior against.
Counting in your age you should have known that men lie in order to get what they want. You lost because your intelligence department failed you, your libidodepartment led the way. It serves you right. I never had any pity on the fact that your marriage went down the drain. You deserved nonetheless actually.
No righteous woman would marry a man with the knowledge that he was already married without inquiring into his life so far that the whole truth is uncovered.

Now, here I go again, thats how the Kuffarfree zone poster got up and you stopped me commenting.

I have stayed completely away from your realm apart from a casual read here and there. I have never intruded on you.

Good luck on your way through apologetic islam though.
Its a long and crooked path, it may serve you for many years.
You are already into the tactics of it with your fanciful tale of how you have fought "kuffarphobia" for years.

I have been discussing on islamic and non islamic forums about islam for over 10 years now. I found out myself that I was a kafir and found nothing bad about that.
Never have I been insulted on a forum by a muslim who understands the concept of kafir.

I have been insulted when I discuss the fallacies of islam, but never for being a kafir.
A term that sets me so far away from muslims is wonderful and I call myself so proudly and justly with quran, hadith and most scholars of islam of history and present in my back.
I rejected a muslim mans proposal because the quran explicitly forbids such a marriage.He had no idea, he had only read quran as a young man and then went on as an adult in arabic, not his mothertounge. I read it so I understood it.
Much like yourself he liked to sanitize islam as much as he could and rejected the concept of kuffar too.
It took me two long years to get the man to admit that if he clung to his book he could not have me. Eventhough it is clearly written in quran that one may not marry a Kafira and I showed the ayat in his face over and over. He ducked and swayed, like you.
All you are doing is stuffing down a reality of islam.
You don't want to see it, so shush away with it from y o u r world. Thats fine and dandy.

However, I understand how ashamed you must be of this aspect of islam. So much that you must deny it. The concept of muslim, dhimmi and kafir is religious racism and implemented as according to quran and sunnah it is apartheid, discrimination, slavery and killing.

However, in the larger scheme of the world, outside PM's personal space, putting issues under the rug is a dangerous affair and kafir's worldwide are proud to be so and fight islam with their kafirhood as a crown.

I am sure you are a peaceful muslim. There are many of those. That does not change islam and the fact that I am a kafir within islam and have a right to be proud of that.
I will fight for my right to be a kafir in this world. Till death. That means that whenever you exit your bubble you will encounter my like and everyone else who recognizes kafirhood in islam.

Good luck avoiding us!

Ferocious Kafira

PM said...

Wow Kafira!

I forgot what a really nasty, sick creature you are. Your ignorance is profound and only outdone by your perception that you actually know what you are raging against. I guess it's a good thing I have my bubble to protect me from your bitter poison ;-)

Believe it or not, I do hope you will get your head straightened out and rid yourself of the hatred that consumes you.


Brian H. Gill said...


Getting back to your original comment -

"Peaceful musimah." You are a "she."

Got it. And, thanks for the language lesson.

I'll correct or append that post when I can. At this moment, I'm using a very slow dial-up connection.

Also, thanks for your discussion of the term "kafir."

And, I hope that you drop by this blog from time to time - it could use comments from an informed Islamic viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I will not indulge in that, neither will I respond to your argumentum ad hominem.

You know drops of me. I know a bucket of you. You put yourself out for judgement. Not sorry my hammer hit you in the head.

Giggling Kafira

Brigid said...

Actually, Kafira, you kinda started this whole thing. Particularly with all the attacks on her marital status.

Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

Ah yes Muslimah, I too must bear that in mind ...

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