Friday, September 21, 2007

Security Concerns and Crimes Against Humanity, From the Silly Side

Google is guilty against crimes against humanity, and has targeted a "Pennsylvania crusader" for attacks by hordes of culturally diverse, net-savvy terrorists.

You can't make stuff like this up.

Dylan Stephen Jayne is suing Google because "Google" is his social security number. All you have to do is scramble the number and then turn it upside down.

Mr. Jayne is suing Google for reasons that may seem perfectly reasonable to him. "A person regardless of race or religion that wishes to cause acts of terrorism would look for social security numbers that are made readily available on the public use databases," his suit reads.

He warns that Google mustn't claim ignorance. "The 'I don't know' defense obviously is a waste of money, time, and puts the lives of Americans and illegal aliens at risk of death or serious undress."

The Register, where I found this, equates the pixilated Pennsylvanian with the Bush administration. I think there's a different lesson to be learned here.

For many people, this is a stressful period. As I said in "Stressed-Out by Iraq? You're Not the Only One,"different people react differently to stress, and the war on terror has stressed quite a few people, one way or another." I'm sure people will come up with many different, and occasionally colorful, ways of dealing with stress.

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