Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Boombus Busted in Turkey

Sniffer dogs in Ankara, Turkey, found a minibus packed with explosives, with a fake license plate. Foul play was suspected.

People living near the multistory garage with the boombus were evacuated, a bomb squad defused the explosives, and it's hoped that the incident ended with the drama of a damp firecracker.

Turkish police were concerned that someone might want to celebrate the 9/11 anniversary with a bang. Looks like they had a point.

Turkey had trouble like this in 2003. I think it was November of that year, when bombers linked to Al Qaeda killed 58 people in vehicle bomb attacks that hit two synagogues, the British Consulate and a British bank in Istanbul.

2003 was the year when America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Poland and Denmark unilaterally invaded Iraq. Plus other countries, but who's counting?

I suppose the Istanbul bombings of that year could have been connected with that.

Which brings up an interesting point.

Let's make this hypothetical.

Say a country, call it country A, is attacked by a loosely-organized group (we'll call it "Q") that gets help and shelter from other countries. Quite a few people from country A, along with people from a dozen or so other countries, died.

Country A, selfishly, would rather not be attacked again.

A little less than two years after the attack, Country A, along with B, C, D, and E, attacks country P, that's been giving support to Q.

A few months later, Q attacks some Jews and bankers in country T.

Would the Q-T attack be a good reason for countries A through E to stop trying to stop Q?

If it is, then WWII should have been stopped as soon as anyone shot at the Allies. I suppose there are people who would have preferred an outcome like that. Personally, I'm glad it didn't work out that way. I'm one of the kinds of people that were getting eliminated by the master race. Non-Aryan cripples weren't high on their 'preferred' list.

So, let's think about the possible consequences, the next time someone points to a terrorist attack, saying that it's proof that attacks on terrorists are wrong.


Brigid said...


I don't know if I should be shocked, or laugh until my sides hurt.

Brian H. Gill said...

"Shocked" implies some level of surprise.

I'm not particularly surprised by the discovery of that vehicle bomb, so I'm not shocked.

No one seems to have been hurt, thank God, so I suppose it wouldn't hurt to see the funny side of this.

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