Thursday, September 20, 2007

Qods Day?

I'd appreciate getting help with my next post on "Another War-on-Terror Blog."

The government of Iran has made some interesting statements recently, involving "Qods Day," a day identified by IRNA as October 5, and October 12, of this year.

"Qods Day" does not appear on the Ramadan calendars that I'm aware of.

And, there don't seem to be many online references to the day, aside from a few blogs of varying reliability.

I did find one reference, "Cyclopedia of Missions: Containing a Comprehensive View of Missionary Operations Throughout the World" (Rev. Harvey Newcomb, Second revised edition, New York, Charles Scribner, 124 Grand Street MDCCCLX / 1860). The book is available in graphic format on Google Book Search. I haven't read the book, yet.

This excerpt involving Qod's Day appears on Google search results which lead to the book's facsimile: "... and on the day when this is done, the second day of the week, called Qod's day, they 'oner a fowl, or some other small thing of that sort, ...'"

Here's my question.

What is Qods Day?

Is it part of the Ramadan season? What is its significance?

I suspect that "Qods Day" is a Latinization of a term in Persian or Arabic.

I'd appreciate an answer from someone who follows Islam, ideally with reference to some authority.


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