Sunday, September 23, 2007

Radioactive Kimchi, or Nuclear Bomb Material?

"Israelis seized nuclear material in Syrian raid"

That headline, in the Sunday Times (UK), got my attention. It seems that "informed sources" (I may get around to discussing the origin of that term someday) said that Israeli commandos seized nuclear material from a Syrian military site.

The raid happened before the Israeli air strike against an "agricultural research station." Several North Korean nationals seem to have been killed in that raid. (More at "Nuclear Materials from North Korea, Sand, or Radioactive Kimchi?.")

The Times report says that Israeli officials told Washington about the nuclear materials and the Korean connection before the raid, and that Washington approved of the attack.

The nuclear material was taken from a compound near Dayr az-Zwar in Syria. If my map is right, that's a piece of real estate about fifty miles from the Syria-Iraq border. For me, that's awfully close: but then, I grew up with North Dakota standards of distance.

It's not all that far away for Syria's Scud missiles, either.

This raid on an "agricultural research" center is getting more interesting each week.

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