Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How Dare General Petraeus Bring Facts to Congress?

General David Petraeus "is widely regarded as one of the brightest soldiers of his generation." As well as a remarkable knowledge of military history, he as the stamina to go on regular 10-mile runs with his troops. General Petraeus is "brilliant," according to Barry McCaffrey, a retired four-star general.

Aside from his mental and physical strengths, Petraeus has accepted the duty to defend America from its enemies.

He also must play along with the United States Congress.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Joe Biden asked Petraeus if Iraq was closer than before the surge to getting its political parties to work together, and whether continuing the surge would stop killing between Sunnis, Shias and Kurds?

Perhaps becaue he was afraid that General Petraeus would give the wrong answer, Biden said, "the answer to both those questions is no."

Senator Christopher Dodd showed greater efficiency by putting an implied answer into his question. "What makes you possibly think that anything further like this is going to produce the results that anybody else has failed to do?"

That's tellin' 'im!

Senator Chuck Hagel seemed affronted that Petraeus and Bush administration official Crocker had something other than bad news about Iraq. "Where is this going to go?" Hagel asked. Being an astute politician, Hagel continued, "are we going to continue to invest American blood and treasure at the same rate as we are now? For what?"

Petraeus replied: "my responsibility as I see it is not to give a good picture, it is to give an accurate picture."

Shocking! Presuming to bring facts to Senators who obviously know all the answers already!

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