Wednesday, December 31, 2008

(Allegedly) Christian Terrorists? Yes, They Exist

Not all terrorists are Muslims. Some say they are Christians: and may really believe that they are.

Murder in the Church

Quite a number of people were hacked to death in a Catholic church in the eastern part of Congo, the day after Christmas. The Ugandan army says that an outfit called Lord's Resistance Army, or LRA. The LRA, perhaps sensing that murder in a church isn't all that appealing to many, says they didn't.

The LRA says that it wants to establish a government based on the biblical Ten Commandments - and cuts the lips off people who don't agree.

From what I've read, the LRA is just as Christian as the KKK - and as big an embarrassment.

Christians, Kooks, and the War on Terror

As I've written before, "I prefer to let people define themselves." If someone says he or she's a Christian - or a Muslim - or whatever - I probably won't say, "no, you're not." I may, however, point out ways in which their statements or actions don't match what people expect from Christianity, Islam, or whatever.

I still prefer to believe that "Islam is a peaceful religion." One reason I can keep hoping that this is (in some cases) true is that Islam seems to depend heavily on local culture for its beliefs. In a situation like that, it's no surprise that Islam has its own Tony Alamos and LRAs.

Who knows? The destructive zeal of Hamas and Al Qaeda might encourage some Muslims to take a serious look at what they believe - and who they support.

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