Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bangladesh Arrests JMB Terrorists - You Thought American Elections Were Rancorous?

Bangladesh has a good idea: stop terrorists before they kill people. In this case, several members of Jumatul Mujahedeen Bangladesh, or JMB: and found a lot of explosives, too. Bangladesh has an election coming up, and there's a chance that JMB wanted to do a bang-up job of expressing themselves.

Bangladesh has a secular legal system, like America and most governments that work. Jumatul Mujahedeen Bangladesh doesn't seem to like that. They'd rather have Islamic law in Bangladesh.

A Country Ruled by Religious Law: What Could be Wrong With That?

I suppose that, in theory, a country could be ruled by a set of religious leaders, using a law that enforced their religious preferences. But the track records of Sudan and Saudi Arabia don't make the idea look appealing. At all.

Particularly for Islam, where it looks like each area get to decide what Islam really means, there's entirely too big a risk for religious law to enforce the preferences, quirks, and phobias of whoever is in charge.

Some of the more colorful examples of what to expect from Islamic law:
  • Teacher sentenced for allowing her students to name a teddy bear Mohammed
  • An old doctor to 1,500 lashes because a Saudi princess demanded that he get her drugs
    (Saudi Arabia)
  • It's okay to kill network owners, as long as they're immoral - in the opinion of a chief Saudi judge
    (Saudi Arabia)
  • Visitors to the country aren't allowed to bring in dangerous things like
    • Edged weapons
    • Bibles
    • Statues
    (Saudi Arabia)
  • Women should only use one eye at a time when outside - according to a prominent Saudi cleric
    (Saudi Arabia)
That last isn't, I grant, part of the law of Saudi Arabia: but it gives a pretty good idea about what Islam is, when the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques is running things. That sort of law appeals to me about as much as "Christian law" would, if outfits like the KKK were the ones who decided what was "Christian," and what wasn't.

In the news:


Anonymous said...

Land Survey by settlement office of Bangladesh

When Government has fixed up high rate of Taxes and fees for Registration of Land at the time of transfer of ownership,

But unfortunately the Land Survey are conducted by Settlement Office of each District and Thana level and DLR Office , Dhaka jointly in different time . .

Survey Official during completing their job adopts several stage operations for fixing up land ownership.
And in most cases the title ownership are changed recording new holding number , and ownerships , thus deprived the actual land owner of his title right ,

These are done for personal interest or illegal gain ignoring the Title Right of actual owner ,

Government have decided that the wrong made by Land Survey Official should be ratified by the Court of each District .

The intention of Government is good , but actual facts are different , In whole life correction may not be possible

The actual Title owner became undone and help less , can neither transfer his Land nor he can sell the land to meet emergency expenditure like education cost of children or matrimonial ceremony etc

Will the Ministry of Law and Land Ministry of Bangladesh please take immediate steps to protect the interest of such Land Owner . or Declare that these land based o actual Title Deed may be transferred or sell .

The People

Brian H. Gill said...


Apparently at least one person is not satisfied with how property ownership is handled in Bangladesh.

I am glad to hear that you think the "intention of Government is good."

I also hope that the situation in Bangladesh can be corrected. Soon, and through legal channels.

For what it's worth, I think every country has problems now and then with incompetent or dishonest officials. Some places seem to have more trouble than others.

As for "the people" anonymously posting the comment? I have no opinion.

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