Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mumbai, India, Pakistan and a Breath of Common Sense

One article started,
"The Pakistani High Commissioner in London, Wajid Shamsul Hassan, says India was ready to launch a military strike on Pakistan in retaliation for the Mumbai terror attacks, Sky News reported.

"Hassan said British and American officials had to intervene to prevent India from carrying out an attack.

" 'On the day of the Mumbai attacks, I got some information in London that India was going to act very drastically against Pakistan in retaliation to what happened,' Hassan told Sky News...."
(FOXNews (December 7, 2008))
In addition to a serious investigation, there's a whole lot of finger-pointing going on. For the convenience of those who prefer not to read the news in detail, here's how I'd sum the situation up:
  • Investigators:
    We don't have all the answers yet
  • (Some) Indian leaders:
    Pakistan did it!!
  • (Some) Pakistani leaders:
    Did not!!
  • British and American diplomats:
    Don't start shooting
I'm pretty sure that some people will see this as America protecting the nasty Pakistanis because they're friends.

I'm inclined to think that it's a case of British and American officials helping to stop a (worse) shooting war in and around Kashmir - which both India and Pakistan want a piece of, or preferably the whole thing.

In the news:



eversince, the mumbai attacks indian politicians have been just barking like old dogs, while nothing has materialed against the terrorist outfits. It's high time india adopts a more creative diplomatic stand of working along with Pak. Remeber, our objective is not to dismantle the Pak govt, but to destroy the terrorist organisations.
my views on

Brian H. Gill said...

prashant issac,

I'm inclined to agree.

In my view, India is a strong, stable, democracy and rapidly becoming one of the leading nations of the world. The situation with Pakistan and the Mumbai attack is a very good opportunity for India to act the part, or fail to do so.

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