Friday, September 26, 2008

Omar Bakri Mohammed and His Daughter: I Sympathize, but Denial's Not the Answer

Rumors about Barack Obama being Muslim are probably still bouncing around the Internet like demented bumblebees.

He must be, some would argue, because:
  • He's got a funny name
  • He wasn't born in America
  • He attended a Muslim school in Indonesia
    • He also attended a Catholic school, but the "Obama's Catholic" idea didn't catch on
  • His father was a Muslim
    • Born in a Muslim family, yes, a practicing Muslim, no
There's more at

I agree, family background makes a big difference in what people believe. One way or another.

But having a Muslim father doesn't guarantee that the children will all act the way daddy wants. A case in point: "Daughter of hate preacher has secret life as pole dancer" (MailOnline (September 26, 2008)).

I wouldn't use the term "hate preacher" myself, but Omar Bakri Mohammed does seem to teach a rather strict, exclusive, brand of Islam.

He also says that news (and photos) expose his daughter's profession are "... 'a fabrication' and described it as an attack on him and Islam.

" 'The more you put pressure on me, the stronger I become. Islam will conquer Britain,' he said.

" 'I have not seen my daughter for nine years, but because she is a member of my family people want to make things up about her.

" 'You are going to pay a heavy price. You can read it any way you like. The time is now.'..."

I don't blame him for being upset. My wife and I have three daughters, and I wouldn't want any of them to be pole dancers. But if it happened, I don't think I'd try the denial gambit.

Particularly with photos like that one in the news.

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