Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain Had A Stroke! Look at His Left Eye!!

(Updated September 25, 2008)

Probably not, and Barack Obama isn't a Muslim.

However, this issue seems a bit more reasonable than the 'Jews and blacks can't trust moose hunters' warning we heard yesterday. If the worst-case scenario that some political enthusiasts seem to hope for is true, Mr. McCain may have a medical condition that requires prompt attention. And, one that could affect his performance in office.

Whether there's any factual basis for the latest buzz remains to be seen. I just hope that voters distinguish between reality and desire, or fear, on November 4.

In the news (appearing in Google's news search):
  • "What happened to John McCain's left eye?" (September 25, 20080
    • "...Now everyone is asking, "What happened to John McCain's left eye?" Did he have a stroke?..."
  • "John McCain's left eye affliction: not stroke but Bell's Palsy?"
    InEntertainment (September 25, 2008)
    • "...At first people thought that he might have suffered a stroke at some stage, but according to a number of Internet sources, he has Bell’s palsy or facial paralysis. This condition is temporary, but it does take some time to correct itself...."
  • "Is John McCain having a melanoma relapse?"
    The Young Turks (September 25, 2008)
    • ".Droopy eyes, $5000 worth of 'American Idol' make up and cancelled [!] campaign events... something is rotten in the state of the Repubican [!] Campaign, and it might be McCain's health....
    • " of the possible explainations [!] that could fit with his symptom is a stroke....
    • "...The droop on the left side of the face very well could be the sign of pressure on the right hemisphere of the brain...."
    • "...'Damage to the right hemisphere of the brain leads to cognitive-communication problems, such as impaired memory, attention problems and poor reasoning. In many cases, the person with right brain damage is not aware of the problems that he or she is experiencing (anosognosia).'
    • "This pretty much explains everything that has been going on with the McCain campaign for the last week actually...."
As I explained in a previous post, this blog isn't political, but politics do affect the War on Terror.
Update (September 26, 2008)

The hype about McCain's health has hit the news. There's an ad out, warning that McCain is probably so sick that he'll drop dead.

"Liberal Groups Attack McCain's Health"
CBS News (September 25, 2008)
  • "(WASHINGTON) Two liberal political action committees, Brave New PAC and Democracy for America, launched an aggressive attack on John McCain's health this morning in an ad featuring unflattering images of his melanoma scars. The ad calls for McCain to release his medical records, something he already did earlier this year.
  • "...The ad closes with a graphic asking, 'Why won't John McCain release his Medical Records?'
  • "In addition to the ad, the groups initiated a petition for doctors with the hopes that with enough signatures they will 'ultimately deliver the petition and create enough grassroots support to get a full disclosure of the [medical] records,' Brave New PAC spokesman Axel Woolfolk told CBS News. So far they say they have collected 2,500 signatures.
  • "However, the thing is, McCain has released his medical records...."
There's some very serious entertainment value in aspects of this presidential campaign. If the stakes weren't so high, I'd be able to enjoy it a lot more.


Unknown said...

McCain acknowledged health problems!
I looked it right now:
Interesting that the Republicans will take?

Brian H. Gill said...


My guess is that you are expressing surprise that McCain acknowledged health problems, and are rhetorically asking what position Republicans will take.

Honestly, it's not all that unusual for national leaders to have imperfect health: L. B. Johnson and Franklin D. Roosevelt come to mind.

Obama, of course, is in better physical health. He's much younger, and has not had quite a rugged a life as McCain.

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