Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tipster Protection Provision Blown Away

With so many lawsuit-happy lawyers and judges running around loose, protecting tipsters sounded like a good idea.

Especially after Minnesota imams who mimicked the 9/11 hijackers filed suit against US Airways and the "John Doe" passengers who reported them. I'm inclined to side with the passengers. I'd be wary if, during a Minnesota summer, bearded dudes in bulky clothing re-arranged their seat assignments and muttering in an unfamiliar language.

The homeland security legislation's provision to protect people who would prefer not to get crashed into the side of a skyscraper as sponsored by a New Mexico Republican.

Congressional Democrats didn't like it, so now it's history. The July 20 Washington Times has more, in Tipster shields lifted by Democrats

I ran into an editorial cartoon at Cox and Forkum, dated July 20, titled Zero Visibility. It shows an airliner going down in flames. Someone inside is saying "And finally we thank Democrats for discouraging you passengers from reporting our suspicious behavior. ALLAHU AKBAR!"

I've wondered how many people on Capitol Hill understand that leaders of the Taliban, al Qaeda, and their merry martyrs, are not very nice people?

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