Thursday, July 19, 2007

Minnesota National Guard Troops Homecoming: Sauk Centre

Charlie Company of the Minnesota National Guard has been gone since October of 2005, serving a long tour of duty in Iraq, after preparations in Mississippi and Kuwait.

Now, after a very long wait, they're on their way home. Folks here in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, have been getting ready to greet Charlie Company. We expect them tomorrow, around 1:00. No, make that later today. It's after midnight here in Minnesota.

Although I'm related, one way or another, to almost half the town, I don't have anyone very close to me involved in the conflict. Even so, I'm excited and relieved at the thought that these Soldiers from our part of the state will soon be back with their families. For those who have near kin returning, it must be an 'extreme event.'

I've got a few more details, and pictures, in the currentSauk Centre Journal.

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