Sunday, July 29, 2007

Iraq Wins Asian Soccer Cup, Peace Breaks Out in Diyala

Good news from Iraq.

That country's team won the Asian Soccer cup, winning over the team from Saudi Arabia.

Given the sort of wanton destruction that I've come to expect following a major sports victory, added to the presence of people in Iraq who achieve self-expression through blowing up other people, banning vehicles from Baghdad sounds like a good idea.

Meanwhile, Diyala province should have made the news Thursday (July 26), when 18 tribal and local leaders made a sort of peace deal.

And, earlier this week, about 75 sheiks and local leaders got together at the Iraqi Army Headquarters in Khalis to thrash out "long-standing grievances with each other...." With words, not swords and bombs. The sheiks and local leaders came up with suggestions for ways to improve security. They also said that they'd work against "al Qaeda In Iraq" and other insurgent groups.

One thing I think is helping this outbreak of peace is the presence of U.S. troops. When U.S. forces occupy an area in sufficient force, al Qaeda and miscellaneous terrorists are inhibited, and locals get a chance to compare Islamic fanatics and the U.S. approach to life.

Quoting from a Stars and Stripes article, "In Baqouba, in particular, residents were shocked when local militant groups tried to enforce a no-smoking law."

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