Monday, July 2, 2007

Inflamed with Religious Zeal - and Petrol

(Originally posted July 1, 2007)

Judging by the way one of the Glasgow bombers shouted "Allah!" with every punch after driving a burning car through the front door of an airport terminal, he and (presumably) his partner in arson followed some flavor of Islam.

Which brings up an interesting point: in the trials of their fellow-Islamists who struck a blow against the Great Satan America and GSA's puppets, why hasn't anyone tried a variation of a religious rights defense?

These persecuted pyromaniacs may be prosecuted because they were engaged in acts which were demanded by their deeply felt, sincere religious beliefs.

And, the right to worship is a fundamental right here in the States and, I believe, in Great Britain as well.

So, in a freedom-loving nation, can anyone be arrested for actions taken because that person is inflamed with religious zeal? And, in this case, petrol.

I shouldn't joke: it's likely enough, given the imaginative approach to law that some courts take, that eventually this defense will be used.

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