Monday, May 5, 2008

Syria's Reactor and North Korea - Again

You've read about it in the news: Both are in CNN's Politics*com section.

That ambassador mentioned in the headline is the Syrian ambassador.

"He noted that the photos showed just one building -- which didn't have enough power or other complex facilities nearby, such as reprocessing plant for extracting plutonium from spent nuclear fuel -- in order to operate a nuclear program.

" 'I had to ask myself, is this Hollywood or Foggy Bottom?' he said, calling it 'Iraq déjà vu.' "

I'm sure that the ambassador will find many people agreeing with him, in principle, in America: 'Everybody knows' that the Bush administration lied to justify an attack on Iraq. I think the motive is supposed to have something to do with an oil company.

Returning to reality, I recommend reading: There's more information there, including a video and links to a rather interesting transcript.

My last post on this topic, "Unilateral Attack Sparks International Condemnation! Syria Had No Reactor! Pay No Attention to the North Koreans!" (April 26, 2008) was cited by another blog, American Interests.

In the interests of full disclosure: I'm biased. In a situation like this, I am more inclined to believe Israel, and American intelligence agencies, than a nations whose leadership has at best a policy of active cooperation with organizations dedicated to eradicating Israel from the face of the Earth. (More at my previous blog post, cited above.)

Posts from "Another War-on-Terror Blog," on the Israeli raid and its aftermath:
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