Friday, May 16, 2008

bin Laden: Israel is Terrorist State (This is News?)

Big surprise, everyone: bin Laden doesn't like Israel. He says Israel supports terrorism. He released a tape yesterday to say so.

Actually, that should be 'purportedly released a tape.' The voice hasn't been identified as bin Laden yet, but my guess is that it actually is the terrorist leader.

The message has his style, and world view.

"Alleged bin Laden tape urges Muslims to liberate Palestine"
CNN (May 16, 2008)

"(CNN) -- A blunt new statement attributed to al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden urges his followers to liberate Palestine. The statement's release coincides with Israel's 60th anniversary.

"In the audio message, the speaker reiterates jihadist opposition to the existence of the Jewish state and its policies, and tells listeners that "liberating" Palestine should be the aim of every Muslim.

"The message, titled 'The Causes of Conflict on the 60th Anniversary of the State of Israeli Occupation,' was released Thursday on jihadist Web sites, where it is played over a still image. It runs nine minutes and 40 seconds and is addressed to Western peoples."

Whether or not it's bin Laden talking, I don't see much new in this.

"The speaker decries characterization of Palestinian militant groups as terror organizations. He also says Israel has engaged in terror.

" 'As your low values show double standards in one issue, you call the Palestinian organizations terror organizations. They were punished and ignored.' "

Okay. I think I understand now. Palestinians blow up strategic schools and students, attack tactical markets, and the Jews are to blame for it. That makes outfits like Hamas national liberation movements. When the Jewish military takes down rocket launchers hidden inside someone's home, that's terrorism.

Goofy, but pretty straightforward: and quite simple to understand, once you learn to look at the world that way.

Instead of haranguing on moral equivalence: here's a link to another, ah, discussion of the topic. "Moral Equivalence, Prisoners, and Al Qaeda" (July 21, 2007).

(Yes, I know: things are rough for many Palestinians. People in the Gaza strip aren't living the good life: to put it mildly. That doesn't make it okay to kill Jews.)

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