Wednesday, April 2, 2008

That's no Fly on the Wall: It's American Cyborg!

"American Cyborg" sounds like the name of a particularly painful comic book super-hero: probably from the seventies.

It's also a way to describe the rats, moths, pigeons, bulls and sharks with implants, that are the newest intelligence agents in the War on Terror.

Aside from being able to have a fly on the wall (literally) in rooms where terrorists meet, this technology will make it possible for search and rescue teams to find people buried in wreckage that only a rat could squeeze through.

America isn't the only country with cyborgs. A Chinese team has made bird-borgs. They implanted electrodes in pigeons' brains allowing the Chinese team to fly the birds from a laptop. I'm not clear on whether the pigeon cyborgs were strictly for research, or whether they were planned for either intelligence, or a particularly nasty sort of crowd control. (Think about it. Pigeons. Statues. Why it's a good idea to wear a hat in some cities.)

There's more, at "That Fly on the Wall Could Be an American Cyborg Spy" FOXNews (April 2, 2008).

A final thought: here's one more thing to worry about, for those who are convinced that the CIA blew up New York City's World Trade Center, and that They are watching.

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