Monday, April 14, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI is Coming to America

Pope Benedict XVI is expected to start his six-day visit this week. The plan is for President Bush to meet the Holy Father at Andrews Air Force Base.

That's a first.

"Bush has never before given a visiting leader the honor of picking him up at the airport. In fact, no president has done so at Andrews Air Force Base, the typical landing spot for modern leaders.

"A crowd of up to 12,000 is due at the White House on Wednesday morning for the pope's official, pomp-filled arrival ceremony. It will feature the U.S. and Holy See anthems, a 21-gun salute, and the U.S. Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps. Both men will make remarks before their Oval Office meeting and a send-off for his popemobile down Pennsylvania Avenue." ("Bush greeting pope in big way" CNN (April 13, 2008) )

Being a devout Catholic, I'm going to be following the Holy Father's words and deeds in my country. And, having had quite a bit of experience with American news services that are either unwilling, or unable, to understand and accurately report religious topics, I'm going to rely on an outfit that does understand Catholicism: EWTN, the Eternal Word Television Network.

EWTN will be covering the Pope's visit: "Christ, Our Hope - Pope Benedict XVI Apostolic Journey to the United States" - I suggest that anyone who wants to know what the Pope said do the same.

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