Thursday, December 20, 2007

New on the Blogroll:

Researching for another post, I found

This extensive site describes itself as "a humble effort to serve the spiritual, commercial, informational, communication, cultural, educational, economic, political and social needs of the worldwide Islamic community in the 21st century. We are dedicated to make an information portal site on the internet that is pure, clean and 'worthy of its name', InshaAllah."

This looks like a good English-language resource for information about Islam.

As with everything else on the Blogroll, I do not necessarily agree with the opinions and beliefs expressed by the websites and blogs listed. The links are there to help visitors - and me - learn more about issues connected with the War on Terror.

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Note! Although I believe that these websites and blogs are useful resources for understanding the War on Terror, I do not necessarily agree with their opinions. 1 1 Given a recent misunderstanding of the phrase "useful resources," a clarification: I do not limit my reading to resources which support my views, or even to those which appear to be accurate. Reading opinions contrary to what I believed has been very useful at times: sometimes verifying my previous assumptions, sometimes encouraging me to change them.

Even resources which, in my opinion, are simply inaccurate are sometimes useful: these can give valuable insights into why some people or groups believe what they do.

In short, It is my opinion that some of the resources in this blogroll are neither accurate, nor unbiased. I do, however, believe that they are useful in understanding the War on Terror, the many versions of Islam, terrorism, and related topics.