Monday, December 24, 2007

72 Virgins! Count Them! 72!
Is This Really What Islam is About?

As an infidel, I'd like to believe that the 'be a martyr, get 72 hot virgins' aspect of Islam wasn't real. Or, that what I've read about it, including rather poetic descriptions of beauty as delicate as the membrane within an egg, was getting misinterpreted.

Today, I saw part of a video aired (quite a bit) by Palestinian Authority television.

A clip is available on YouTube, "Martyr Rewarded with 72 Virgins."

"Media Group Claims Music Video is Sign of Growing Danger in Gaza" tells that, according to a group called Palestinian Media Watch, a music video that got heavy air time before, during Palestinian attacks on Jews, is back.

The music video's story line is easy to follow, and simple yet powerful. Jews kill a young (Muslim) woman. Oddly, she's wearing western clothing.

She's a martyr.

Then, a young (Muslim) man goes to visit her grave, and, you guessed it. Jews kill him.

He's a martyr.

There's a happy ending, though. He's reunited with her in a sort of celestial social club - along with 71 other whoopee girls.


I don't know what to think of this belief that martyred men get 72 martyred women (virgins, of course) as a sort of payoff.

A couple of points, and I'd done for the day.
  1. Is this really what Muslim women have as their highest goal: to be part of the entertainment at an other-worldly blowout?
  2. Does Islam really expect Muslim women to get bumped off at a 72-1 ratio? Or, are the Muslim women in that 24/7 party recruited from all women who make the cut?

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