Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Play it Safe: Join the American Armed Forces

"Government Report: More Military Deaths in Some Years of Peace Than War" (November 14, 2007)

The two samples were two years in the 1980s, and two years in the period of hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Congressional Research Service, of all organizations, came up with this information.

The 1980s deaths were GIs on active duty, just like the War on Terror deaths.

The director of has an explanation: "It's safer to be in the military because your accidental death rate has gone down; it's safer to be in the military because if you get wounded, you'll probably survive." "Getting killed on the battlefield is one way that people in the military wind up dying, but it's not the main way."

Whaddaya know!

I may have missed something, but this little item hasn't made it into the traditional, mainstream news outlets.

Perhaps I should say the 'official' news outlets?

Or is that being mean?

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