Saturday, November 3, 2007

First November Weekend

I'm taking the weekend off, as far as blog entries are concerned. And, I'll be reconsidering how I handle this blog. See you next week!


Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

Enjoy the break Brian and let us know about any blog re-considerations.

At American Interests, I am settling into a pattern of posting 1 or 2 posts weekly on issues and news pertaining exactly to the central theme of the site. In my mind, I constantly review the blog seeking ways to make it more effect. However I do not think a blogs success ought to be measured by the amount of comments received per post; sure, I welcome comments but have come across some outstanding blogs that get little or none.

Ultimately, we must enjoy blogging and have both a purpose and a goal otherwise why do it. Finally, we need balance in our lives don’t we.

Look forward to future posting

Brian H. Gill said...

American Interests,

Thanks for sharing your experience, and advice.

The "balance" issue is one of the central issues for me. The next post here will up as soon as I re-think my re-thinking.

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