Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Father Honors Fallen Son

The photo shows two Marines holding the United States Marine Corps flag against a wall. Under the flag are the words, "some gave all so others may live - USMC," and four names: Strain, Lucente, Stokes, and Krissof.

Those four were the war dead of Nevada County, California. "The Union" of Grass Valley, CA, shared information about Marine Lance Corporal Adam Strain, Marine Lance Corporal John Lucente, Marine 1st Lieutenant Nathan Krissoff, and Corporal Sean Stokes.

One of them, Marine 1st Lieutenant Nathan Krissoff, died on December 9, 2006, after a roadside bombing a roadside bombing in Anbar Province. Coping with his death wasn't easy for his brother, Marine 2nd Lieutenant Austin Krissoff, or his parents.Christine and Dr. Bill Krissoff.

"We are proud of him," Dr. Krisoff said in "The Union." "He believed in fighting terrorism. It was important to him. He was deeply affected by 9/11."

Marine 1st Lieutenant Nathan Krissoff's father thought for several months, about how he could best honor his son. On consideration, he decided that his best course was to join the United States Navy as a combat surgeon.

There was a problem: at 61, he needed an age waiver to join the service. His application's paperwork was moving slowly, at best, until August. That's when President Bush met with several families who had lost people in Iraq. Dr. Krisoff was there.

The president went around the room, asking if there was anything he could do. Dr. Krissoff remembers that when Bush got to him, "I said, 'Yah, there is one thing. I want to join the Navy medical corps and I gotta get some help here.' "

Three days later, the Navy called Dr. Krissoff. The paperwork was taken care of, and his waver was granted.

Bill Krissoff is a lieutenant commander, attached to the 4th Medical Battalion. He hopes to join a combat surgical team and serve in Iraq.

That may not be heroism, but I think it'll do until something better comes along.

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"The Union"
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