Monday, August 6, 2007

Protection, and Common Sense, Needed

This is a short version of the previous post, sort of.

The recent, and temporary, upgrade of the FISA wiretap bill took six years to get from good idea to ready-for-signature bill. Part of the reason for this delay was the great care Congress took, protecting us from the prying eyes of law enforcement.

Let's give this the good-sense test.

Let's say you're in an office building. Outside you see a cop on the corner, and a truck racing toward your building with a "Death to America" banner on top.

Who concerns you more: the cop, or the terrorist?

Silly? Of course. This was a purely hypothetical situation, presented as a sort of thought-experiment. Real terrorists don't label themselves that way.

Same question, phrased a little differently: Who is scarier? The cop, or the terrorist? Or the members of congress who apparently think the cop is?

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