Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Moderate Muslim Video from Pakistan: Very Good News

There's a new video out from the Islamic world, and it isn't the sort of death-to-America stuff we've been hearing all these years. The headline is "Pakistani Pop Stars Team Up" on FoxNews.com - "Moderate Muslims in Pakistan use music to take a public stand against extreme Muslim militants."

[Note: The FoxNews.com video was replaced, as of 11:20 pm central time USA, at the latest, with more current content. Yeh Hum Naheen Fan Center now seems to be the best page for information. Includes, as of 11:30 pm central time USA, two videos: a Reuters News and a Nova TV Interview. 'Norski']

Yeh Hum Naheen is the title of the song, distributed by Fnik Music. The title, translated, is "This Is Not Us." The talent is Haroon, Ali Haider, Ali Zafar, Strings, Shufqat Amanat Ali and Hadiqa Kiani. Waseem Mahmood is the video's director.

These kids have guts.

Good for them. This has the potential to reach people in a way that written words and speeches can't. "Let me write the songs of a nation; I don't care who writes its laws," has more than a grain of truth in it (Andrew Fletcher).

There's more about the video at Pakistani pop group releases peace song (Political Gateway) and TODAY'S EDITORIAL: This Is Not Us 13 Jul 2007, 0003 hrs IST (Muslims for America).

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