Sunday, June 13, 2010

Comment Moderation Goes Into Effect Now

This is the last of my blogs to have comment moderation.

I've got two reasons for using comment moderation:
  • Spam
    • These 'comments' are usually text in an east Asian language, followed by a string of periods, each a link to some more-or-less-scuzzy-sounding URL
    • Spam, English-language or otherwise, is not welcome here
  • Keeping track
    • I like to keep up with comments
    • My old system was time-consuming
    • Comment moderation, I've found, gives me a heads-up on new comments as I work
      • Making it easier and faster to check out the comments
If this sounds like I've sacrificed your satisfaction at seeing your comments appear within moments to my desire to keep track of what's happening in this blog - you could be right.

On the 'up' side, you can be more sure now, that I'll actually see your comment.

Why didn't I list 'censorship' among my reasons? Unless you count filtering out spam as censorship: that's not my intent.

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