Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lebanese Man Due for Beheading in Saudi Arabia

I think it's safe to say that people who enjoy living on this side of the 16th century should stay well away from Saudi Arabia. In today's news:
"A Lebanese man charged with sorcery and sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia is scheduled to be beheaded on Friday, the man's lawyer said Wednesday.

"May El Khansa, the attorney for Ali Hussain Sibat, told CNN that she and Sibat's family were informed about the upcoming execution. She said she heard from a source in Saudi Arabia with knowledge of the case and the proceedings that Saudi authorities 'will carry out the execution.'..."
Saudi Arabia is an outstanding example of a nation that follows Islamic law - just ask them.

As I've said before, "With friends like these, Islam doesn't need enemies."

The House of Saud's enforcers got their hands on Sibat when he was in Saudi Arabia for the Islamic religious pilgrimage known as Umra. If the 'gotta go to Mecca' sort of pilgrimages didn't predate the family that runs that anachronistic kingdom, I'd wonder if those Islamic requirements were made to help the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques keep an eye on his franchise.

I've written about this sad case before.

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