Sunday, July 19, 2009

Indonesia: Still Investigating the Jakarta Bombing

It's looking more like the double bombing in Jakarta was done by Islamic terrorists. More specifically, by what Reuters calls "the militant Jemaah Islamiah group." At least, the two suicide bombers and their handlers used the methods, and the same sort of equipment, that Jemaah Islamiah has used in the past.

The death toll seems to be holding steady at nine, so far: including the two suicide bombers. Last night I read that people going through the wreckage were still finding body parts - and that others were sorting out which pieces belonged to which individuals. From the sounds of it, there's no end of a mess where the two hotel restaurants were.

Today's big deal in the news is a laptop, found by investigators, which appears to have belonged to one of the bombers. Information on that could be quite important.

One thing that's notable in this incident is how Indonesian authorities are handling the investigation - and how they're releasing reports. They're saying that there's a strong indication that Jemaah Islamiah is involved - which is not the same as saying it is the work of Jemaah Islamiah. And, there isn't the sort of denial of trouble/accusation of another usual suspect routine that we saw recently in Iran.

As I've said before, "not all countries are the same."

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