Monday, February 23, 2009

Army Emergency Relief Guilty! Vet Advocates Angry! You Know What the American Military is Like!

"Veterans advocates are venting anger and frustration toward the biggest charity within the U.S. military after revelations...."

"...Soldiers are squeezed for contributions...."

""...It just makes me sick to my stomach," said Amy Fairweather, director of the Iraq Veteran Project in San Francisco...."

And more of the same.

The Associated Press is into the second day of a shocking expose of how Army Emergency Relief (secretly related to the Army!!) has stockpiled lots of money by loaning it to GIs - interest-free.

Then, like the heartless minions of the military-industrial complex that they are, expecting the loans to be paid back.

Army Emergency Fund Loans: Shocking Revelations!!

I'll give The Associated Press due credit. They haven't, yet, descended into tabloid-style headlines for this little project.

On the other hand, I get the distinct feeling that AP is hoping that this will do what Haditha, Western Venture, Abu Ghraib, and Global Patriot reporting have failed to do: bring back the glory days of the Watergate era, when Americans imagined Robert Redford when they heard "investigative reporter," and cries of My Lai were heard throughout the land.

There may be a real issue here: but my guess is that The Associated Press should look around, see that this isn't the seventies any more, and deal with reality.

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